How To Make More Money With Your Menu

One of the greatest benefits of being sustainable is also improving your profitability. This week, we’re giving you the tools to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to menu writing.

Being green is a huge trend in the Toronto hospitality scene right now. Guests are looking for and demanding local, seasonal, organic, fair trade… You name it, they want to feel good about themselves when they buy it. Canadians are willing to spend 10-40% more for organic items alone! And the market for organic products is growing every year. Between 2010 and 2015, sales for organic products tripled in Canada. There is a growing demand, and all restaurants should take advantage of this trend!

But how can you cater to these guests without completely changing your menu, brand or profit margins?

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Take inventory on what you are already serving. Do you source from 100km? Chances are, some of your produce is organic without you even knowing it. Take a look at the oil you use for vinaigrettes. We walked into the kitchen of one Toronto restaurant and saw ‘Organic and Fair Trade Certified Avocado Oil’ stocked in the dry storage area. They used this oil for their avocado vinaigrette. But on the menu it didn’t mention anything about being organic or fair trade, only ‘Avocado Vinaigrette.’ This was a huge missed opportunity!

You put Organic and Fair Trade at the beginning of that title and you will get lots of guests excited and willing to pay more for it. We would recommend you even charge an extra $1 for the premium product.

Update your menu with any organic/fair trade items, charge more, and let your guests know about it on social media. Let us know how it goes!