3 Reasons You Need Sustainable Seafood on your Menu

You are likely aware of the OceanWise certification or sustainable seafood in some Toronto restaurants, but why should you put it on your menu? This week, we teamed up with Kristin Donovan, co-owner of HOOKED to give you three reasons to put it on your menu ASAP.

Credit: hookedinc.ca

Credit: hookedinc.ca

1. Guest Demand:

People are increasingly asking where their food is coming from. You've heard guests asking if the eggs are "free range" or the beef "grass-fed," and this extends to fish as well! Kristin is regularly having 15 minute conversations in their store with customers about the story behind the fish. Having these conversations with your guests also gives that extra touch of hospitality.

2. Lower Cost:

There is an assumption that sustainable seafood is more expensive, but on the contrary... When you buy locally you can often be rewarded. It isn't more expensive, it just isn't bad fish. Go for under utilized options for lower cost and interesting products. Examples include Ontario Wild Catfish, Wild White Perch and White Bass. Be sure to ask Kristin Donovan what is seasonal and best.

3. Environmental & Social Impact: 

How amazing would it be if you could tell your guests that your seafood items came from practices that were:

  • Environmentally less intrusive - With only small boat fisheries, targeting the right fish and no trawling
  • Limited to No Bycatch - Less wasteful
  • Supporting Canadian communities - Fishermen are paid properly, and the product bought direct (90% of HOOKED's fish is Canadian) According to Kristin, when fisheries use bigger boats, they are typically taking away work because they need less people to work and more fish to harvest. 


Making the transition or already have sustainable seafood? Let us know your experiences! 

To order from HOOKED check out hookedinc.ca