Spotlight: The Chase Hospitality Group

This week we are putting the spotlight on Toronto-based restaurant, event and catering company, The Chase Hospitality Group. Their restaurants include The Chase, Colette Grand Cafe, Kasa Moto and The Chase Fish and Oyster. Most recently, the Chase added Planta, an upscale, full service, plant-based restaurant with Chef David Lee. Planta puts sustainability on your plate with a completely plant based menu. 

We recently spoke with CHG President, Steven Salm and Marketing Manager, Anna Lewis about their company-wide initiatives. We love what they are doing when it comes to sustainability!

They first started implementing environmental initiatives because of a "growing awareness of environmental issues and obvious shift in our guests' attitudes and knowledge towards the damaging effects of mass food production, specifically how it relates to livestock farming." They saw the strain that our consumption of animal products places on the environment.

According to Anna, after realizing the need to make the shift to more sustainable practices, they immediately started addressing things across the company that could be easily changed, such as "reducing laundry needs, finding new ways to use ingredients without waste, reducing our paper printing needs, [and] adopting more plant-based menu items." They then created a long-term plan for initiatives that could not be changed as quickly. 

Credit: The Toronto Star

Credit: The Toronto Star

Guests can look for sustainably farmed seafood, grass-fed beef and plant-based items on 25% of their menu across their locations. They can learn more about CHG's sustainability initiatives through email communications, and table-side via the service team.

According to Anna, both guests and staff have been very enthusiastic and excited about the transition towards sustainable hospitality. And staff are consistently coming up with more ideas for sustainability initiatives. 

When asked about the future of hospitality, they see a huge shift away from meat-based dining, as there is no longer a way to ignore the environmental damages caused by livestock production and cash-crop agriculture. 

We love what The CHG is doing as they lead the industry towards a green future, and can't wait to see what they do next. In the mean time, you'll find us at Planta munching on Fried Kimchi Dumplings.