Why you need Mealshare on your menu

You may have seen Mealshare on a couple of Toronto restaurant menus, but this week we dive into what they actually do and the benefit of partnering with this amazing organization! (For which, we are a huge fan.)

It is no surprise that youth hunger is currently a worldwide issue, requiring a huge change in order to solve the problem. Did you know one in four children are malnourished?

Mealshare is a Canadian non-profit, committed to solving this problem and ending youth hunger within our lifetime. At the time of this blog posting, they have served 1,096,793 meals. Here is how they do it:

Photo credit: Mealshare Canada, @mealshare

Photo credit: Mealshare Canada, @mealshare

  • Your restaurant and Mealshare partner, and you place at least two Mealshare logos next to items on your menu (you chose these items)
  • Whenever a guest orders that Mealshare item, they get that meal, but a meal also goes to a child in need - Buy one, give one!
  • For each Mealshare item purchased, the restaurant contributes $1.00 to Mealshare
  • The majority of these funds are sent to partner charities to provide a meal to a youth in need

Why should you do it? Because your guests can give back by dining at your restaurant. You get to show your guests how your business is committed to solving social issues, and cares about the world we live in. You also are able to raise awareness of a very serious issue. Guests now more than ever want their purchases to mirror their values.

Another big benefit of the program is that you can highlight Mealshare items that you want to sell more of. So making a daily special or a low margin menu item a Mealshare item can be a great strategy. If staff training and education materials are done well you can definitely influence purchasing decisions with the program.

We talk to so many restaurant owners that want to do something to give back, but they’re so sick of just giving away gift certificates and being inundated with requests for donations everyday. Mealshare is all about making giving easy, not only for diners, but also for restaurant owners/staff. We do all the work connecting our restaurant partners to our charities partners, so they can see and experience the first hand impact. So many restaurants want to use their business as a vehicle for change, they just don’t know we exist yet.
— Derek Juno, VP Business Development

Toronto restaurants partnering with Mealshare include Enoteca Sociale, Cafe Belong, Hawthorne and Parts & Labour... And we love 'em for it! 

To partner with Mealshare, please visit their website for more information.


Source: mealshare.ca