Case Study


They significantly reduced food waste, and improved their profitability

terus analyzed the waste management program of a small Toronto restaurant.  We found huge opportunities to implement efficient and simple solutions, getting the restaurant ready for Bill 151, Waste Free Ontario Act. 

1. Implementing a composting program: First, terus found a way for them to implement a composting program, which would divert waste from landfill and save money. 

At the time, they had just signed a two year contract with their current waste hauler, and were spending $3,683 annually on 2 times/week pick ups of 3x95-gallon garbage bins and 3x95-gallon recycling bins. 

We recommended they switch to using 3x35-gallon organics bins with the City of Toronto at $64 per bin purchase, and an associated cost of $340 for 2 times/week pickups, charged annually. Additionally, we recommended they use 3x95-gallon recycling bins at $99 per bin purchase and no cost for pickups. Finally, 1x95-gallon garbage bin for $99, with weekly pickups at $213 charged quarterly. 

In conclusion, we showed them how to save $998 the first year with the purchase of bins, and $1,565 annually following the initial investment. 

2. Fruit Rescue Program: terus also found that all bar fruit at the restaurant (lemon, lime, orange & grapefruit) was getting thrown into the garbage after the zest was taken off to garnish cocktails.  We implemented a program where all the fruit was collected, and juiced by a staff member on a weekly basis. It took a FOH staff member approximately 20 minutes to complete the task, with an associated labour cost of just over $3. 

We did not associate savings to lemon or lime juice, because there was too much variety in use. However, we showed the restaurant how using freshly juiced OJ and grapefruit juice in the mimosas during brunch had huge profits! Each week, up to 17 oranges and 4 grapefruits were collected. With $14 for mimosas, and juice occupying 2.5 oz of the drink, we showed them how they could average $206 in profits each week and up to $10,978 annually. 

Not only that, but we showed them how to divert 248 lbs of fruit from landfill and save on waste haulage!