Making a Toronto Restaurant More Sustainable

Working with a 30 seat Toronto restaurant to be one of the foremost environmentally responsible restaurants in the city. 


This restaurant is owned and staffed by environmentally and socially conscious individuals who wanted their new venture to be the best that it could be - not only in the quality of their food and service, but also their environmental impact. The main goals to accomplish this mission were to:

  • Set up a waste management contract
  • Ensure materials purchased have a reduced environmental impact
  • Create unique alternatives to divert waste from landfill
  • Have all staff trained on best waste management standards and practices
  • Develop staff training material to be used by future employees


terus achieved all goals and went above and beyond by providing additional recommendations to further reduce their environmental impact AND save money. Specific achievements were:

  • Set up an efficient and effective waste management system
  • Performed a menu consultation to reduce food waste from food preparation
  • Provided data and recommendations on environmentally friendly restaurant supplies
  • Developed staff training materials and delivered an engaging staff training


If all recommendations are implemented, the restaurant will accomplish:

  • A diversion of 30,907 pounds of waste from landfill annually
  • An avoidance of 15.41 metric tonnes of GHG emissions annually - the equivalent of taking 40 cars off the road each year
  • An increase in profits of $12,500 and savings of $1,800 within the first year of implementation