Martina Jensen


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Martina’s career as a sustainability professional in the food industry has covered a wide range of topics and taken her to a number of interesting places. She has interned at the World Health Organization in Copenhagen as well as the European Commission in Brussels and has first hand experience with policy development and implementation. During her studies, including her Masters in Integrated Food Studies, from the Department of Planning and Development at the University of Aalborg, Denmark she worked in hospitality, from bartending to cookery schools and events management.

Her unique combination of skills, passion for sustainable hospitality and experiences brought her to The Sustainable Restaurant Association in London. Here she worked as consultant with many small and large food service businesses as well as managed partnerships with NGOs and governmental organizations. For years she has been working to help the industry improve sustainability standards, from environmental considerations such as waste to ethical supply chains. Martina is currently a sustainability project manager for a successful global food service business, consulting on things such as staff engagement around energy efficiency, waste and community work within UK restaurants, scoping more circular opportunities, promoting a sustainable menu as well as an ethical supply chain project with farmers across Southern Africa.