terus provides customized consulting to make your establishment more environmentally sustainable and help you save money!

How we do it

Step 1: Onsite Observation

Step 2: Waste & ROI Analysis, Engaging Staff, and Waste Reduction Partnerships

Results: Full waste diversion report including ROI recommendations and onsite implementation

Full Service Details

Onsite Observation

We will come to your restaurant to discuss your challenges and goals for the project. This stage is crucial to the success of your waste reduction project.

Waste Analysis

Our team of experts analyze your restaurant's operations, making note of key details and potential opportunities. We will visually analyze your current waste practices including:

  1. Food waste

  2. Waste incurred during service (candles, receipts etc.)

  3. Product waste

  4. Operation standards

  5. Service standards

During this time we will also complete interviews with management.

ROI Analysis

We will analyze requested data (invoices, bills) regarding products/food items ordered into the restaurant. Our priority is always to reduce waste and improve profitability. Analyzed items can include:

  1. Food items

  2. Beverage items

  3. Takeout containers

  4. Napkins

  5. Straws

  6. Candles

  7. Any additional disposable products you are ordering on a regular basis

Our findings of this analysis and recommendations for sustainable alternatives will be outlined in the ROI Analysis, included in the Waste Diversion Report. It will include environmental alternatives to what you are currently use, the associated cost and payback period.

Waste Diversion Report & Recommendations

To wrap up our analysis we will provide you with a detailed outline of our findings, and our recommendations. Our priorities are always:

  1. Waste Reduction

  2. Saving money and improving profits

The amount of analysis in this report will be dependant on the package you select.

Staff Training Material & Delivery

For the success of your sustainability project, your staff will need to be on board. We will put together a customized package outlining proper waste management for all staff. Subjects in the manual will include organics, recycling, garbage and hazardous materials. 

Our team will come onsite and take care of the training for you. During this one-hour session, we will go through the customized staff training manual, answer any questions and wrap it up with an engaging exercise.

Staff Recognition Program

Now that your employees are trained, and know the 'greenest' way to do things, they have a key role to play in making your sustainability plan work. Your waste diversion bins are only successful if your staff is putting everything in its rightful place. Recognize and reward them for doing the right thing.  We will help you set up an employee engagement and recognition program that will make sure that your employees are making your restaurant as sustainable as possible.  

We will set up set up partnerships in your community to help you divert waste from landfill, while also saving money! Whether it is selling leftover food, or donating to those in need, we will help you go above and beyond with regards to waste reduction.