At Café Cancan, we have strong environmental values but needed help translating them into action. Terus helped us achieve this goal. Now we’re diverting our organics and recyclables from the landfill (over 30,000 lbs per year!), sourcing more sustainable products and reducing our use of disposable products within the restaurant, while also saving significant money. We couldn’t have done it without the engaging and effective staff training Terus provided.
— Victor Barry, Chef & Owner of Piano Piano and Café Cancan
We were so happy to see how well our staff responded to the training we received from Terus. Many members of our staff have taken it upon themselves to ensure we continue to dispose of waste properly, even in the busiest of times. It’s amazing how quickly Terus changed one of the most prevalent restaurant issues so effectively in our restaurant.
— Adam Alguire, Chef de Cuisine at Café Cancan
In my dealings with Terus I’ve been consistently impressed with their commitment to sustainability in the hospitality industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Terus as a consulting partner for businesses that want to become more enlightened in their approach to operations.
— Bob Desautels, Founder of the Neighborhood Group of Companies & Ontario's Restaurant of the Year (2013 & 2016)
Terus is passionate about sustainability and can offer creative solutions when it comes to waste reduction or diversion.
— Garry Pringle, P..Geo. Holocene Consultants